About Hill Staytion

We at HillStaytion are elated to be your trusted partners in fulfilling all your staycation manifestations. Our villas are where the warmth of Mother Nature and luxury come together in a nutshell and immediately teleport you to a rejuvenating space. Here, accommodations are surrounded by tranquillity, allowing you to cherish or discover the real essence of life.

Securing your privacy is our foremost priority, and we're conveniently located for easy access. Hygiene is the cornerstone of our hospitality ethics, while our delicacies offer you the flavors of nature using fresh, popular local ingredients. The doors of our accommodations are open 24/7, 365 days a year, to welcome you.

Our Services

Each Hill Station retreat has an aura of intimate elegance and encourages a leisurely way of life. It is subtle in styling, premium in appeal, and free spirited. Hill Station is a property where you can be yourself and make every minute count with the ones who mean most thanks to carefully handpicked decor and accents, tailored customer service, quality checks, and easy and safe bookings.

Why Hill Staytion?

Unique Hand-picked Stays at Peaceful Locations

Detoxifying Stays

Retreat to a private hill hideaway with thick forest cover, fresh air and starry skies for company.

Simple Set up for a luxurious experience

Find your happy place in the lap of the hills and get a glimpse of nirvana.

Private Space

Notch up the laid-back lifestyle by checking into hill station.

Value for Money

An unconventional retreat that won't make a hole in your pocket.

Trusted by 50k+ Happy Customers

The perfect vacation everyone dreams for.

Property Accessibility

It feels lovely to let your spirit relax in the beauty of the hills with accessible properties

In-house Chef

Deep dive into the flavors of the destination.

Safe and Hygiene

It feels lovely to let your spirit relax in the beauty of the hills with accessible properties

Our Mission

Hill Staytion has handpicked industry experts to assist in the operations of hospitality assets. As a team, we continue to raise the bar in hospitality by achieving quality-driven standards in all our properties. We work together and support homeowners to get rid of the inconvenience of hosting, to better manage their home, and to give them another way to make money..

Our Vision

We believe that there is a traveler hidden in each one of us. Someone who wants to set-off to exciting new paths, explore unknown lands, seek new companions, converse with strangers, enjoy the peace and calm of nature and experience culture and adventure in the most unique way. Travel expands our horizons and connects us with each other. We strive to set the standard in offering the best services to all of our stakeholders, including clients, homeowners, and staff.


Mr Rafay Multani

Mr. Rafay Multani founded Hill Staytion with the goal of creating homes that can provide guests with unforgettable memories in the lap of valleys. He is an entrepreneur with a family history in the hospitality industry. He was born and raised in Canada, but he spent a significant portion of his childhood in an Indian boarding school in a hill station. Nonetheless, the enchantment of the Panchgani mountains, as well as the culture and people of this country, drew him back to where he belonged. His ultimate goal was to provide guests with an environment similar to that of his childhood in the hills; a homestay that allows them to escape REALITY.

He used his entrepreneurial skills, an eye for luxury, expertise in judging guest preferences, mastered the art of acquiring villas with a sense of uniqueness, and, most importantly, the experience he gained from his father, who ran a family-owned hotel.